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Vanathi Herbs & Live Plants is a brand owned by Vanathi Ayurvedic Spa & Resorts Private Limited ( registered in India under the provisions       of Companies Act of 2013).

Vanathi Herbs & Live Plants initiative to support more than 300 Skilled Micro-marginalised farmers with excellence in growing rare & essential Herbal & Medicinal Plants, has helped us to gather local knowledge and expertise on essential Herbal and Medicinal Plants,over past 18 months.

These poor farmers and their families lack Institutional support,Energy access and Technology.Lack of funds and poor post harvest prices makes their life even more difficult due to Y-o-Y losses.

We at VANATHI, as an MSME ourselves strive to finance these Skilled Micro Farmers & their families,spread across difficult terrains of Eastern  & North Eastern India with knowledge access and finance so that they sustain in sustainable growing of these Medicinal & Herbal Plants.

What we strive to bridge is pricing for them and educate them with the best practices of the rest of the country to help them improve               on Marketing & Market access,Technology and better Yield on their investments.

Every Indian Rupee Hundred of Live Plants that we sell either in physical trading or through E Commerce we shall contribute Indian            Rupee Twenty Five for their benefit.

We are planning to launch our own Spice brand under the revamped brand name "VANATHI Spices,Herbs & Live Plants" and to cater to both domestic as well as Export market. We shall be physically trading as well as selling on the E Commerce platform.

We have a structured policy of procurement directly from the farmer and look forward to benefit them.

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